what is this blog even

Who writes this incredible stuff?:  Anusha Ganapathi and Pooja Kandappa

This is essentially the intellectual creation of two individuals reaching out to humans through the blogosphere. But we have found a more idiosyncratic way of saying this:

A: I have too many feelings so I really need to vent them out in a purposeful way through a blog. Because the feelings when converted to structured words conveying the meaning which is then typed out with rapidity makes me  feel like its flowing out somewhere – out there where anyone can read it – which means the feeling gets diluted and we don’t need to suffer alone.

And the manner of the thought movement consists of a cluster of feelings filtered out through my brain which relays it into words in which my fingers and the laptop  are the instruments. Isn’t fascinating how the raw data consisting of our unprocessed feelings are put out in such a coherent way?

It is as though the blog is our pensieve but it isn’t a basin, but an ocean that is accessible to anyone – and just like dumbledore’s memories that will be useful to the future.. in case you and other readers are in a spiritual conflict where we don’t battle against people, but within ourselves. You are welcome to this tiny part of the internet that will calm you down when you read it.. like these are the thoughts buried in their subconscious and you are finally coming to terms with it by seeing it out here. Maybe this will make you retain your hope in humanity. That every small contribution is huge. because you know,

quantumthe smallest things do matter because they are matter.

: I’m having a cliched existential crisis. The angst of teenagerdom has apparently only just caught up to me and so I have decided to obsessively mark my territory in the world by doing something halfway useful. It’s not as emo as all that however. Just a classic case of craving a creative outlet and dealing with the oh god what am I even doing in this universe conundrum. Through this blog, we are opening up windows in time, providing glimpses of what had been and what could be, exploring and questioning elements hidden in plain sight, things we have taken for granted and aspects that must never be forgotten.

What we have learnt in this teeny tiny bit of time in this cosmos is that, the internet is forever. A universal time capsule where we all get to be infinite. Every sentient being will perpetually be enamoured by this omnipresent miracle for the ages to come and this will be our official footprint, lost among million others just like us, but found by anyone who wishes to look.