A Wednesday in World 3

Adam Smith said

no please keep reading I swear this gets interesting

Adam Smith said if everyone pursues their self interest and free market prevails that means everyone does what they do best and the country becomes awesome. But that’s just stupid because we all know that everyone’s self interest is making loads of money in some way or another and then spend it all on vacation.

Working on the 13th floor of a huge building made of glass (it’s fascinating how these things actually stand on its own it’s actually glass) and nearly 8 kilometres away from the beach, we can still get a clear view of the ocean because the other buildings are literally 2 metres high. 00000000000000 sorry there was an ant under my 0 key and i was trying to kill it. Ants thrive in these tropical climates and find their way into my laptops keyboard somehow. Sort of like how everyone wants to avoid the traffic and take a detour and jam up that place as well.

You don’t need to give us an inspirational talk asking us to stand out and stop following the crowd, we do it ritually because crowds are stinky.

Sometimes the number of like-minded people around me push me into an existential crisis. I sometimes get deluded from the falsities on the internet mostly consisting of thoughts from other parts of the world and I feel all different and cool and all that till I find that everyone around me in reality is exactly like me.

I don’t need to go searching for my soul-mate. Everyday┬áI met a soul but some day you want to meta soul like what do I do with my life after this. People say “the east is spiritually superior”. Maybe that’s why we prefer having more money to spend it on material things because that’s what we lack. I want more glass buildings and fake trees and fake rain. I want a giant plush camel and a lightsaber. I want a pet rock to come home to, a silly putty to entertain me, and a magic 8 ball to make trivial decisions. I want to snack on veg-cheeseburgers and do yoga like its an exotic sort of therapy.

marketing the free market,



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