Welcome to The Machine

Dear Ant-eater,

I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said about us being well-meaning materialistic people and I couldn’t agree more. We are consumers. But this word is no longer benign. It almost fools us into thinking we’re special. Why wouldn’t we? Our daily lives are characterised by things that are designed to make us happy. Everything has been carefully tooled and marketed with surgical precision to get our loyalty; to get our trust. But what we fail to see is that they form a Trojan horse infiltrating into our subconscious and making us slaves to these vapid consumerist whims.

Okay, okay. Hear me out.

An argument can be made that consumption is the end game of the production process, yes? But we know that there’s another motive, don’t we? Information. Under the guise of ‘serving us with the right advertising tools to better satisfy our needs’, a patronising dictum if I ever heard one, we are being watched every day. The alarming thing is we’ve freely handed over the reins of our cerebral movements to the proverbial ‘Big Brother’. I have allowed myself to be segmented into certain groups based on a few internet searches I’ve made about cats eating lasagna or whether Breaking Bad is actually an elaborate front for an actual meth operation( don’t tut me it was just a thought okay) which possibly makes me an unwilling target for advertisements of pasta and BB fan merch.

The thing is Ant-eater, I don’t want anyone to limit my personality on what I do with the internet. The same way I don’t want companies to simplify us by creating certain decision packages and classifying consumers as preferring option A or B. I would rather see varieties and vibrancy. I would rather see home owned diners with red leather seats instead of the same stinking franchise on every highway.

What I’m trying to say is, if AI dominance doesn’t make us irrelevant, Perfect Competition certainly will.

Welcoming you to the machine,



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