No one’s actually going to read it fully, so buttocks

Dear Pasta advertisement,

I totes agree, but let me pretend to have a divergent opinion because I can. Divergence in case of tangible things is not not-possible because of monopolies standardising everything. It is because the choices we made in the past were decided on the basis of even past-er (pasta, paster geddit?) failures. We are now at this juncture beyond which a non-super-genius person would not be able to innovate.

Perhaps we can perfect what we already know, like a 60-year-old new-grandparent teaching life lessons which are not valid anymore; unfortunately there is no other frame of reference (both the example and the meaning it conveys)

We’ve had wars based on ideological differences, to conquer territory, and ‘agreements’ to earn monopoly in trade.  After all probable errors…

… the question comes, is this path the right one? Did we ignore the left? (No, I am not speaking about communism) What if the idea of perfect competition had never emerged and there was no need for a single company/joint organisation of several companies to have their franchises in every 3rd street all over the world? What if we had oxygenated drinks instead of those that are carbonated?

It would be pleasurable to have the old couple handling that toytown antique shop in Mount road, or a family making abstract tapestry in another, but we have to remember that humanity was at that locale once but migrated from it because reasons. Reasons like the tapestry family and the old couple had too many kids that took up the same profession. Or maybe when they decided that there was no such thing as ‘enough money’.

Pasta advertisements such as yourself emerged at a point when pasta became so popular and everyone outside of Italy wanted to enjoy it. You began as a reason for a person to consume your product by showing off that you were different in a way. (Incidentally, there are apples named after families 1, 2)

But now, it’s collective consumption that is ‘in’, and we find it cabalistic consuming the same standardised product as a person with a different coloured skin in a different part of the world speaking a different language. We try to find some common thread that connects the world…

… which is not just the way we think about issues like peace, poverty etc. It is now in the handheld devices, virtual media and calorie saturated food substances; through the magic of the wireless – the telepathic tube that connects the minds of everyone who can read and have the resources to use the parallel universe of the internet.

Telepathically transferring feelings of AWE,


(P.S. Barring the heading and the sign off let’s agree to have the word limit at 450 or else punishment. DFTBA)


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