Puny Humans

Dear Apple with a name,

The only constant is change and I agree that it is quite impossible to go back to the days of quaint little family businesses We would much rather go on the internet and engage with people halfway across the world than speak to our neighbours. Once we’ve got this thirst for universal connection, it’s hard to go back.

I find you fascinating, Apple with a name. Only we would ever go out of our way to name a trivial thing like apples and then proceed to write an article about it.

And this has got me thinking a lot about how awesome we are. I mean, we don’t appreciate us enough. We are the only species in the universe that observe Shark Week. Let this sink in: we dedicate an entire week to honour blood sniffing, flesh gnawing, death machines. We name inanimate objects and form intense soul binding attachments with them. We can make money out of anything, like even if monsters literally invade from hell we would sell their hide and blood and mark our bodies with their tattoos( Pacific Rim, come on bro)

All these charming examples have a common theme in that, we believe this world is ours. Through adoration or destruction we have firmly established our presence. In the grand scheme of things, buying properties and getting a high paying job doesn’t have the slightest impact on the universe. Stars will die and be reborn a million times over right above our heads and entire galaxies could be collapsing into a black hole right at this very moment and yet we remain here worrying about things like mortgage payments and losing those extra 10 pounds. But perhaps that really is what it means to be human. Living out the days trying to make the best out of what we have and doing things that don’t suck with people that don’t suck.

Even in high stakes science fiction/action/whatever media shows, what really sells the story is the human connections. No matter how cool the Gatling guns, or the CGI, that one moment of human nature is what makes it all real. Which is totally why vigilantes are more badass than alien superheroes that fall from the sky.

“I’m only human” is a terrible excuse. To our knowledge, we’re the only species capable of comprehending the cosmos albeit in a limited way. We owe it to the life forms that don’t exist to be dazzled every moment by the universe.

I think I’ve blown our trumpet enough.

I am Groot Human,



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