Dramatically running fingers through hair and squinting eyes as though haunted by the past

Dear Primum Mobile/ Ptolemy’s guiding force

As much as I wanted this post to be about Batman, Ezio Auditore, Altaiir, countless unacknowledged vigilantes and human beings in general, a very weird road trip steered me in the direction of discussing nature. To me, and I do not doubt – many of the people who are currently reading this post find you more fascinating than man-made objects. Maybe they don’t know that this is what they feel yet, but they respect you.

Nothing in the realistic sense is unnatural (because nature made people made things)

Oh dandy. Another clump of words delivering some profound thought that I can do without.

But really, I don’t know why all of a sudden I was fascinated by the unprocessed you. You’ve always been there… maybe I didn’t pay much attention to you. The buildings around me and all the light pollution diffracted my vision just like my fully charged ipod and phone.

At least vigilantes have a purpose in life and you can exactly guess what their next move is. I mean they are called vigil-antis for a reason. Protesting against the established system/situation is the one thing they do – going against what is currently happening. This going against can be rationalised as intended ‘for the greater good’. But I can’t quite rationalise you.

The technology under my fingers is something I am grateful for but we carved it for our own purpose. Why did you create us, guiding force? Why do we move? Why do I find that moment between sunset and full darkness where I don’t need to use artificial lights to make it bright or artificial curtains to dim it down – so exhilarating? How is it that you managed to make big clouds that a person could walk through and then give it the power to emit light and sound along with energy that can destroy more than it empowers…

YOU AREN’T EVEN ALIVE YOU CAN’T EVEN THINK FOR YOURSELF! Then why are you so…. ugh this so frustrating. It feels like if the Joker or any other villain asked himself – why did I choose to fight against an already established vigilante in this locality when there are so many other places I could have gone to. Why Gotham – WHY EARTH. ANSWER ME you stupid all pervading guiding force why is your literally magnetic force so magnetic that it is gravitationally binding me to you. Just get away ok?

No please don’t go just give me answers

Forever asking the wrong questions



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