I like Mary Poppins and also nursery rhymes are character building

Dear Pollen grain

As you probably already guessed, this post is going to be about the importance of hierarchy in thingys

A virtual being once said “why do we fight?” to which I said “so that we can increase exp points and level up and get money”. Maybe life is a Pokemon game in which we all feel we are better than the gym trainer. If only we had the chance. But that’s the clue no? If the rock gym trainer is wormy it is because she placed boulders around herself.

Daenerys Targaryen, like a big piece of lentil may say “I am going to break the wheel”. Well sorry to recolour your hair, she’s no different from the others. It’s just the illusion of position given to a normal person makes them give childlike metaphors.

bu-ut It is really cool to have that power.

If the government here was an elitist organisation like the monarchy in Britain, then I could be given random honours like “Freedom of the city” for my mere existence. Or you know, being a part of a really cool club and people I know shouldn’t be in it.

Hoax-y Honest people will be like “ooh equality” and “ooh thats just casteism”. Just ask them if they are throwing pollen grains into thin air because almost everyone actually internalises and propagates it.

Ugh if only there were a less unfair structured discrimination.

Because Hierarchy in a well organised organisation is a positive incentive. Instead of fining me for spitting on the kerb I should be given an award for not spitting like ‘Honorary walker of the RK Mutt road, bestowed with privilege of getting free idly on showing of the badge of honor of honorary supremous because she is special for being awesome’

YEAH I WANT TO LEVEL UP. Good Samaritans need rewards and the hierarchy is the higher arc in the step to reaching the rainbow of perfection in society.

I’m not going to elaborate you probably get what I’m saying you clever you

Jumping into the utopian sky,



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