Dear Audio-Visual medium,

As a person who spends an unnatural amount of time living in virtual reality I must agree that television indeed rules the nation. Even yesterday when I went “jogging” I found myself thinking “if this were a tv show I would happily go frolicking on the road without fear that the street dogs might fancy playing tag with me”. You have gotten so good at bettering reality that it’s hard to wrangle myself out of your grip.

I’m not saying television is the greatest thing ever but think about it. Where else would I be able to lie in the most awkward and uncomfortable way possible and still manage to keep people oblivious. Where else would a mishap be comically exaggerated and a white lie snowball into a complex web of lies and deceit.

If life were tv it could always have a soundtrack and I can tell what is going to happen by the way the music changes. I can recall memories in vivid high definition flashbacks instead of the actual grim version of reality where memories are created from scratch so in the process it’s different every time you remember it eek (1) There would always be an ever present breeze to flirt with my hair and the people around me would always be adept at spouting off anecdotes and analogies that would fit my current state of mind.

This perfectly unnatural neurotic obsession however took me down dark paths. Waiting for the new episode made me more anxious than if I were waiting for an admission notice. The end of my soul show became as traumatic as breaking up with someone. The inability to guess real people’s actions because they weren’t defined character stereotypes put me on edge. Everything in the box always seemed more high stakes than reality.

But then, (get ready for the zen wisdom of the day) reality is real (boom). It is more amazing than our boundless imagination because it is solid and it is within our reach.

I think about the tardigrades, the cool indestructible waterbears that can actually survive in space. I think about the feel of my cheek pressed against a dog’s fur. I think about the grossly romantic mating habits of the red velvet mite bug. I think about people like Tesla who fixed things that weren’t broken. I think about the warmth of my mother’s hug and I’m home.

baffled about the sudden cheese,



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