I want to make you understand

Dear pixel in a HD screen

Sometimes it just feels as though I don’t know what’s happening. Like I don’t understand what I am thinking, and my mind just flows from topic to topic with no structured path whatsoever.

Does this say something about a person? If I say ‘dog’, (but I am still trying to make a point here) I think of a dog and immediately go to why dogs are even made as pets why can’t wolves be petted instead and the other different variants of the dog family become un-domesticated? Don’t humans have the power to do that? What if humans are the supposed ‘Gods’ of all other living beings because we have the ultimate control over anything (except continental drift and larger non-living things). I mean I have to just clap my hands to kill a mosquito, and breathe to kill bacteria, eat to produce antibodies. Humans even have instruments made for these tasks – I swallow a tinier than button sized instrument to become healthy whoa humans are really awesome.

But you know the awesomer thing, that deserves more than a single post to discuss is you. It’s funny how we need to create a non-existent reality based thingy to bring us back to reality. Entertainment is therapeutic

The characters you have brought to life, events graphically enhanced, CGI worlds and shizzle..

Traversing through a variety of feelings from scene to scene. Feelings that you possibly could not have even imagined till you expressed in such a directed way. Like in the climax of a Quentin Tarantino movie where you can see the individual blood drops splatter from the gash in the person’s head and the bullet forced through the gun repeatedly and the noise it makes when it collides on a dry wall pfhtt. Things happening so perfectly and fitting right into place as the plot settles like the tectonic plates perfectly adjusting themselves. THAT SATISFACTION when the rocket/satellite sits on the launcher in Interstellar and the music of a hundred violinists breaking their hands during a crucial moment.

I don’t know if this means you are better than written content –  We see you in exactly the way you want it to be seen. The internal amounts of satisfaction may be different but the main takeaways are the same.

So is a vlog more efficient? Because in a vlog (intense hand gesture indicating audio is insufficient), the viewer feels what I am saying the way I WANT them to.

YOU ROCK, PIXEL, because there are SO MANY things I want to say that can be done in lesser time through you. Also videogames are cool but that’s for another day

(paradox because even blogs involve pixels)

Currently not hoping for simpler times,



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