Smokescreens of life

Dear Abracadabra,

Ever since a coin appeared out of my ear, I’ve believed I was magic. Undeterred by condescending smirks and the exasperated clucking of neighbour aunties and relatives alike, I diligently worked to master the ultimate trick of making milk disappear. I frequented the vastly under produced but undeniably marvelous PC Sarcar shows. A wooden stick became my talisman, I searched for earwax flavoured gems and I looked to the skies for a snowy owl. The kids on the block learned to fear my mystical power as they all seemed to run away every time they saw me with my magic box of tricks.

Then I got too old for that shiz.

But the thing is, even without magic, we experience the joy of being fooled almost everyday. White lies *your new blog is absolutely fabulous*, instagram filters *oh you gorgeous thing all you needed was the proper lighting* favourite singer’s concert *no no she’s not lip syncing at all, she can dance, crowd surf, juggle flaming hoops of fire whilst riding a lion and still manage to sound flawless* hot lava game *no it’s actually lava on the floor you’ll die!*(admittedly this doesn’t happen often) and of course, the placebo effect.

We have so little control over our lives that we make ourselves happy with outrageous superstitions(licking the plane so it lands safely is my favourite) and new age fads like the Secret just to ensure that against all odds, things will start to go our way. Positive thinking; isn’t that what it’s called?

It could easily turn into wishful thinking though. For instance, if I wish to get into Harvard and I accomplish all the superhero stuff needed to get in, without getting discouraged then that’s a positive mature mind set. But instead, if I ignore all that and cultivate a superstition say, dance in the moonlight to the Harvard song and just put the thought out into the cosmos saying “hello universe get me into Harvard and we shall be bros forever” then that’s wishful thinking and quite possibly an amusing anecdote your friends would say at parties.

I spent so much time clinging on to not only the idea of you, but the reasoning behind the idea, that of course things are causally related and I would have some measure of control over certain circumstances. Ah but life’s a wonder only when things are gloriously unpredictable.

Which is why we must part ways. .I will still indulge card tricks and endure being a human piggy bank but, unsure inimitable events are way more exciting than orchestrated illusions.

making a dramatic exit into mtv’s the real world,



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