I wish I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks

Dear person who is impressionable

It was really hard to type this because I’d rather have a mysterious persona on this forum.. and a third person view makes my argument sound rational

So every paragraph is a different rant/argument by itself it is up to you to draw a connection/morals


The general presumption of how life is “supposed” to be lived trivialises something that we might actually enjoy, or even your thinking. If you are impressionable to the silly things you are just silly.

Sometimes when irrational anger grips you, you have the right to do evil (mentally) because it really makes you feel better.

Situation 1: mosquito bite

Reaction: Mental/internal

Action: course 1 – scream curse words into pillow

Course 2- yell about the superiority of the human race and strategize potential situations where you  dress up in a full body protection suit armed with nothing but a fire extinguisher sized  titanium pressurized vessel containing enough gas to destroy the entirety of the mosquitoes in the world along with the related insect families just because. And also pulling a dan brown-esque finale and modifying the DNA of successive insect generations and making them turn into nutritious vegetables suitable for human consumption

But BAM mosquito that bit you is having gr8 lyf gr8 tym

Situation 2: Betrayal.. ehrm.. friend watches movie without you

Reaction: Internal/Mental OR Verbal

Action: Course 1: Verbally abuse with adequate examples drawn from past recurrences of events blown out of proportion. Passive/active aggressive work well eg. “I won’t call you the next time” “Next time there will be no next time” (in ecstatic Eminem just gonna stand there and watch you burn modulation)

Course 2: Ignore forever they are dead to you (crickets chirping)

But BAM no friends


The above are a few day to day decisions that you make. But in life you make some really essential ideological choices that shape the combination of the everyday decisions that you take (like butterfly effect)

It doesn’t matter what people think is the right way to live your life. The general assumption of the circle of decisions to be taken in life cannot be applied to you. BE A WIZARD/WITCH/WARTHOG IF YOU WANT TO, create your own magical universe (JK…….. rowling) Sometimes you have to be selfish (even though your selfish motive maybe the satisfaction got through serving others but that it is still selfish)

And only you can decide what’s right for you, because duh,you are well aware of the possible consequences (there are only so many decisions you can make)

Uh.. yeah.

Yours abstractedly



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