Please let this be a false alarm

Dear pandering fear

This is the realest post ever, from me to you. I’m talking right at you, you irrational piece of non-existence. I had a lot of ideas on how this post was going to be. I dreamt of words and sentences I would write and amaze the prospective readers of the post. I was going to write metaphors about life and feelings and things, and make them understand what it feels like to be a human in a certain situation. I was going to be funny and make people’s tiny handheld devices shake as they laughed at it or the world around them move because they were shaking their heads in uncontrollable laughter


You know those voices, that tell me what to think. They tell me these insightful and clever things that I can later tell aloud to the world and feel all good. You took them away

And all I feel now is this weightless blanket covering my brain. Taken away the moisture from the grey matter inside, extending its invisible tentacles over my creativity. Stopping the flow of my thoughts, not letting a single idea last for over a sentence.

I write a sentence, stop thinking. Think about several things, type it out. Backspace for a minute and start typing again till it makes sense. ITS LIKE A HORROR MOVIE WITH A BAD PLOT

Maybe like a while later I will try to revive all the backspaced bits and we can all laugh about it like it’s a hilarious parody


Actually this might be my best post yet. I haven’t spent this much energy and effort (AND ENDURED SUCH PAINING MIND NUMBNESS) for less than 450 words. It always came to me naturally, I took it for granted.


I’m going to trust my brain now. I’m not thinking about you, I’m not listening to you. You don’t really exist. You are a figment of my imagination that’s killing my imagination

you cannibal

Ignore-ance is bliss. Here drink some water. JK DROWN YOU –

close your eyes

I’m staring at the wall there’s nothing there. The wall was my green screen, you know, I could imagine things in it, cool things. Not images, but like words and feelings and revelations every second. Now it’s empty. Maybe that’s good. Atleast  that means you don’t exist here. You’re out


There’s a lizard in my room and I want to kill it. It’s a tiny lizard. It’s circling around the cot like I’m some huge insect. I’m human yo

Yours never



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