Should Peter Jackson make movies in rain forests

Dear Peter

Things are about to get very graphic.

Imagine yourself lying on your back, on the bed, your arms spread out. You are staring at the ceiling and the fan speed is low. So slow in fact that you can measure the time it takes for one blade to complete a revolution. Now slowly shift out to third person point of view.

You are the fan. You are a speck of dust on the blade of the fan.. floating down, still moving in circles. The only thing you are looking at right now is yourself (the human). It’s like some crazed P.o.V shot

You (the human) waves away you (the dust) and you go floating outside the window

.. Ok i am just establishing the scene. You need to be able to comprehend this awesome idea (not that I think you aren’t clever or anything but I have a process)

You sit up

You feel something is very wrong.. The mosquito that was treating you as fodder suddenly falls away like you are now filled with radioactive fluid that pumps pure energy. A few seconds later (or what you may consider an eternity) you shift in your seat. But to no avail a meteor just hit the whole world is destroyed


I want you to make the next middle earth movie in Kerala’s reserved forests, or any tropical rainforest. Because things are more horrifying yet oddly satisfying when there’s water and rain around. When the clouds are suddenly overcast, but it’s not raining, and a drop of water from a tall tree trickles down the back of your neck to the edge of your non-existent tail bone and gives shivers up your spine again. When some unseen species of spider knits an invisible trail of webs and you identify you are stuck when you see the dew drops cling to it as though it was raining and time had frozen there.

Trolls lie hidden in the marshes appearing as though they are stones disfigured by the torrents of water hitting them repeatedly. Caves not dry and cold, but wet and slimy. Stepping on what you think is grass and damp soil but actually sinking into hidden marsh overflowing with flesh biting leeches.

The environment would change the “feel” of the movie. What would have seemed cold and distant and emotionless may suddenly carry life and excitement and embrace the crazy. There would be unlimited screams and comic relief.

Peter Jackson please cast me in your next movie



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