surely we live on a speck?

If you read the last post you probably figured out what this month’s theme is gonna be. No, it is not high concept verbose ramblings; that is the theme of our entire blog. Okay, let me give you some hints:

that was so a controlled demolition bro, did you see how the towers like, came down all controlled and shit?

*puts on spectacles* as you can see, the Mayan calendar precisely ends at Dec 12 2012 and obviously, the only way this can be interpreted is that earth will die due to a collision with a rogue planet with a very specific and ridiculous name. pfft what does NASA know.

yo that flag is clearly waving and where the frick are the stars

so um, hello, my name is ______ and I have been abducted by aliens. they were nice, gave me a ride back in their spaceship and everything. 

Plato was a metaphysical philosopher so of course his story of the lost city of Atlantis is historically and geographically accurate.



If you haven’t got the ‘controversial theory’ aspect of this, you’re using the internet wrong. And I clearly use too much of it.

Sarcasm aside, controversial theories do get an undeserved bad rap. Everything is bound to have a dual nature in this world; yin and yang and all that. So, it’s not unnatural for people to refute personally reasonable explanations with outlandish facts, it is in our nature to argue and investigate and in this case often come up with ridiculous claims.

Yet no matter how much they’re debunked by faceless government and corporate regimes, they never quite die down. There’s always a new theory, with topics you would never expect.

For example I could tell you right now we could be living in someone’s computer stimulated world and our fate depends on this person being benevolent enough to not pull the plug. You would scoff, rightly so, but most of the time, before the rational mind ridicules it, it would capture your imagination and play out the various scenarios and implications.

These theories are endlessly fascinating. And in some cases extremely well thought out. I’m not asking you to believe that aliens are camped out in Bermuda’s triangle randomly snatching civilians out of air crafts but in this increasingly white collar world with identical apartments and homogeneous franchises, it’s a nice change to think about the bizarre oddities and contemplate the mechanics.

In reality though, humanity is probably not diabolical enough to pull off massive conspiracies.



Redefining Dimensions

So P and I thought it was time for change. We are going to have themes for the blog every month. That is all.

So I went through a variety of topics that interests me, let me take you through them like I’m telling you a story. You wake up in the morning and prepare yourself for the day, and try to unknot your earphones.

Which reminds me of knot theory. It’s knot the theory of tying normal knots, but its some mathematical supposition of tying knots that cannot be undone. Because a circle can be morphed as it is homeomorphus because it has a different geometric concept..

I’m not going to show you a picture, because you have to visualise this. Imagine a loop that is knotted up such that you assume there is a starting point, but there is none.. Is travelling through it like going in a maze? You try to imagine the dimensions that the object has. A maze amazes me! It’s the scariest part of the dream when you try to run away from someone, you are in a familiar place that is extremely distorted, but no let’s not discuss that now.

False syllogisms. I don’t know, I just wanted to bring that word into this post somehow. What if our entire education system was based on a faulty syllogism. Does it end up becoming real? What if the real language English was something entirely different from the alphabets that we are learning right now. Probably some dude with a lot of clout decided that the words should be in a certain way and everyone just accepted what he/she said without thinking twice. And then it became popular and everyone started using it, making a lie reality.

I wish everyone reiterated that Hogwarts was real. It would make things fun knowing that such a situation was possible.

I do believe in fractals, I do, I do.

Here look at this chaotic pendulum and contemplate reality. Our life is perpetual motion and when we sleep, it’s like pulling the arrow back to shoot it again. Or we’re like this eternally flying boomerang that  was thrown in the air once and keeps twirling over and over again spinning around like “wwaaaaaooooooowaaaawoo”  reminding you that life is the Doppler effect that screams at you when things you were attached to moves away.

Everything is physics and maths. Everything you feel can be quantified.

Did that feel like 10kg  approaching  your face at 9.8m/s ?


on the brink of reality

Dear Animated Suspension

(if you’re a stickler, fine it’s suspended animation)

Contrary to what it sounds like, it’s not just science fiction. This one, unlike time travel, vortex manipulation, hyperspace jump, fifth dimension made to look like library inside black hole actually done by future humans wow humans will do anything to stay alive (whoa calm down nerd), is real and is of legitimate interest to the coolest facets of humanity: space travel and saving lives.

The physical facts of how you work is that well, physically we’re rendered incapable. It is a trance state of unreality while the body remains alive. Barely. The key neurological processes are functional, hidden, under the surface. Much like an anti virus app that runs in the background. Scary part is, the primary works and brain function is shut down. In the puritan sense of the word, we basically die to just be revived when necessary. Like frozen peas! I’m not the best at analogies…

Anyway, actual mechanics is quite disconcerting i.e. make humans replicate conditions of hibernating bears but more extreme i.e. replacing blood with cold salt water while cranial activity ceases successfully making us stuck between life and death.

Sound familiar? We are literally unconscious for several hours every day. Our bodies need almost half our lifetime to sustain the rest. The time is spent with vivid bursts of subconsciousness and doing tune-up service.

So suspended animation is just that but with zero brain activity.

The implications of this are just… okay see, with this humans can go anywhere; travel millions of light years and still live. It is a common trend to whine about how cool the future is going to be and how we may not live to see it.. but with this we could actually post pone the present.

On paper though, currently it’s for medical operations. Human trials have begun and if they succeed, then Emergency Rooms will no longer be frantic and frazzled. People might actually get to live till they’re supposed to.

Note: The official name given by medical people is Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation as Suspended Animation sounds like something that gets discussed in Comic Con.

as always, waiting for the future even if it means getting old,


As you can’t see, puff levels are high today

Dear Poochi,

It’s one of those unique days where John and I have the same thing to talk about – exhaustion. Now, I haven’t actually watched his video, I just read the title and decided “OMG John you mind thought repeater”.

So Poochi, this post comes to you in 4 parts, each a higher puff level than the previous (I can have puff levels now HAH)

Part 1

“I overslept”

Sometimes you wake up in the evening and think about when the day has gone. In fact, you were so free you decided to stay up the entirety of the previous night watching reruns of Popeye and Hannah Montana. And then you wake up all sweaty and hungry, late in the day and you look outside, it’s all dark. You have no work to do, and you say “ehh” and go right back to sleep

(I realise this might be higher puff level due to the hair out of bed… but you know what I’m driving at)

Part 2

“I went running today morning I deserve to sleep”

You drag your legs back home, like a wooden door that expanded because of the monsoon moisture. In your soaked stinkyness you flop on the bed like a fish and pass out. And then you wake up with various physical discomforts

Part 3

“Social occasion”

You have gone out somewhere with family/friends. Talking all the time, very excited. You come back home all energized and jump and prance and sing with joy till suddenly the joy in you is  deflated like a pierced balloon (because you overused the energy)  and you realise the emptiness inside and cry yourself to sleep

Part 4

The Real Deal

When you are working the entire day, using your brain – focusing on that one single goal – getting that one thing done. You talk to no one you meet no one. When you sit in the bathroom you think about that one thing. When you scratch your head, when you blink. And then its done and you have this thrill of satisfaction that you have done something, that the day didn’t go away like *clicks hand* after all, and that you have achieved the world (no it’s not going poo). You did your best. You go back home wearing your tiny day’s achievement as a talisman and sleep with a smile on your face. The smile could be the hysteria of not eating all day and your over-heating brain. You walk like a zombie, you are a car running on fumes. But that last surge of it still gets you through the last part of the da-


[“excuse the grammatical errors i really a.m exhausted?}



Dear Addict,

It starts out innocent enough. Something to take the edge off; to forget about menial dreariness of life. Could be chemical or fictional and it always starts with the brain.

There’s something about that first time. The gradual realisation about how awesome *insert vice* is. You slowly get into it and understand what all the fuss was all about. It could be substances, videogames, love but whatever it is, it gets you hooked and when you look out the window, it’s already sunset.

You promise yourself that this is the last time you get carried away. You go to sleep with your mind whirring about everything to be done the next day.

But our brain is so goddamn susceptible. Once we get chemically rewarded instantaneously for whatever we’d done the previous day, the memories get seared in as the most pleasurable event of our lives; so much so that it asks for more. And a pattern ensues. The honeymoon phase begins and nothing ever feels wrong. Things are easier because no matter what, it’s waiting for us to make us happy.

Then something changes. We start over-indulging, spending too much time on it; desperately trying to recreate the first time; which will never happen as some sane part of the brain has wised up and built a tolerance.

But isn’t this true for any experience? That first time you hear the most beautiful song, that first kiss, we can never replicate that. But we don’t necessarily get stuck in the rut of memories. We chase after new firsts.

Some of us though, spend all of our faculties trying to attain that elusive first high. They say that a person is crazy when they do the same thing and expect to get a different result. But you know you’re an addict when you engage in different variations to get the same result. Repetition is so dangerously comfortable. Effortless. Ultimately though when we look back at life, it would just be a haze of indistinguishable routines.

Addiction changes our whole brain chemistry; the way we perceive things. It’s something that can happen to anyone with literally anything in our lives. Existence is already a raging sea of randomness and we may not always choose the right life rafts.

But things change when we understand. Acceptance of our own frailty is always the first step.

not done with this,


Videogames crawlthrough: part 1 of many

Dear Pixelated reality of games

The CD case clicks open and then the button is pressed to unhinge the disc and the whirring of the drive as it reads the disc. Magically, the window materialises on the screen prompting to autoplay the CD. The low quality audio beeps through the crevices in the black device. The command prompt screen flashes for a second, you almost missed it. It disappears to reveal nothingness. The nothingness in which you can see your anticipation shining back at you.

Few minutes of spending time picking out the apparel and honorific that will stick with you till the end. Making decisions on what your next move should be, buying only the most useful ammunition/automobiles. Scavenging in the right places, avoiding the wrong enemies. Frustrated silent screams of loss. (DIE you stupid aqua monster! (see link) Link whip that arrow at her go Link)

Sitting alone in a dimly lit room your concentration on nothing but the world in front of you. You have sunk into the nothingness that is the game. The game is your life now. Everytime you come back to the real world you can’t help but think about how it was in the game (the water in the river was exactly like the water in assassins creed)

And then there might be many, just like you. In the different corners of the world. You team up with them to go on an adventure you would not have even dreamt of. Then there’s all that shooting and stuff

(IT WAS THE LAG not me)

But you loved it. You loved dying and rematerialising on screen. It was like being given a second/third/multiple (yes you, last boss in uncharted 2). You made the decisions and you didn’t think about the repercussions (Spoiler: NO ROMAN I want to go bowling again). You just went with the flow didn’t you? Playing sims 3 doing things that they wouldn’t have the guts to in real life.

It’s living the character. Connecting to the objects on screen (Hogwarts was always home) and when they forced you to do something you didn’t want to do but have to anyway to win the game (UGH you ruined my life, Prince of Persia) a part of your soul breaks away and you grow with it.

Text based games though – they are awesome you get to imagine everything its brilliant ehrmagerd

Everytime you hear the game music you are suddenly pushed back into that universe like some weird hallucinating medicine is injected into your brain lpweorjfnlwqbuc

Also pokemon


get your B-story straight

Dear A-story,

You are pivotal to any tale. You are the lead character finally getting the person of their dreams, the bomb getting defused, the ragtag team winning the competition, the charismatic criminal getting away from the bumbling authorities and variations of good winning against evil.

In life, you’re that elusive goal that we keep chasing after, always so tantalizingly out of reach that every major choice is in service of that goal, to make it the core of your life story. If I wanted to be dramatic I would say it’s the whole reason why we live, the same way anyone would watch a movie to see the A-story to its end.

As any tv trope nerd(yours truly) would tell you, it’s essential to have a B-story at hand, running parallel to the main one; to provide comic relief, fan service, or in recent cases to assure hollywood execs that the movie is unabashedly patriarchal/mainstream which is probably why almost all female characters fail the Bechdel test because apparently if they’re not instrumental to a love story, then they’re not worth the screen time(rant to be continued)

Anyway, what I’m saying is, you are the one element that makes the climax spectacular. So logically, why would anyone be interested in the trivial side story? Look at any sitcom episode post 2010’s, if a scene annoys you, it’s probably from the B story. If the show itself annoys you, it’s probably The Big Bang Theory oh don’t lie to yourself, show sucks now.

*initiate deep sentimental speech*

But when we glaze over the meaningless tirades of the characters we don’t care about and count every second until the A-story dominates, what happens when they inevitably collide? We fumble, rewind, stare blankly at screen, dismiss it as disjointed, devour every bad review of it you can find and get some moderate closure (also known as ‘The Matrix Revolutions Phenomenon) With life though, sure we can complain a lot when things don’t appear to make sense but ultimately this is our only shot. If we miss the parallel lifestreams around us then, the A-story becomes that much more unattainable.

I’m not saying that whoa all lines in the universe are perpetually connected and every rock, stick and person have been conveniently placed around us to help get to where we ought to be. But, I dunno, I like engaging in trivial pursuits, making random connections, indulging in the butterfly effect fantasies. Much like TDKR, life gets dreary if you spend too much time brooding over the A story.

The B story could be anything from sharing a friend’s knitting obsession to discovering that you’re a prodigy at air conditioning repair. If it doesn’t pan out, learn to kill your darlings. But sometimes, like a Simpsons episode, it could just end up being your A story.

To bring this to an absurdly simplistic conclusion, all stories are important. Pay attention cause you never which worlds are gonna collide.

still using tv as a crutch for reality,