get your B-story straight

Dear A-story,

You are pivotal to any tale. You are the lead character finally getting the person of their dreams, the bomb getting defused, the ragtag team winning the competition, the charismatic criminal getting away from the bumbling authorities and variations of good winning against evil.

In life, you’re that elusive goal that we keep chasing after, always so tantalizingly out of reach that every major choice is in service of that goal, to make it the core of your life story. If I wanted to be dramatic I would say it’s the whole reason why we live, the same way anyone would watch a movie to see the A-story to its end.

As any tv trope nerd(yours truly) would tell you, it’s essential to have a B-story at hand, running parallel to the main one; to provide comic relief, fan service, or in recent cases to assure hollywood execs that the movie is unabashedly patriarchal/mainstream which is probably why almost all female characters fail the Bechdel test because apparently if they’re not instrumental to a love story, then they’re not worth the screen time(rant to be continued)

Anyway, what I’m saying is, you are the one element that makes the climax spectacular. So logically, why would anyone be interested in the trivial side story? Look at any sitcom episode post 2010’s, if a scene annoys you, it’s probably from the B story. If the show itself annoys you, it’s probably The Big Bang Theory oh don’t lie to yourself, show sucks now.

*initiate deep sentimental speech*

But when we glaze over the meaningless tirades of the characters we don’t care about and count every second until the A-story dominates, what happens when they inevitably collide? We fumble, rewind, stare blankly at screen, dismiss it as disjointed, devour every bad review of it you can find and get some moderate closure (also known as ‘The Matrix Revolutions Phenomenon) With life though, sure we can complain a lot when things don’t appear to make sense but ultimately this is our only shot. If we miss the parallel lifestreams around us then, the A-story becomes that much more unattainable.

I’m not saying that whoa all lines in the universe are perpetually connected and every rock, stick and person have been conveniently placed around us to help get to where we ought to be. But, I dunno, I like engaging in trivial pursuits, making random connections, indulging in the butterfly effect fantasies. Much like TDKR, life gets dreary if you spend too much time brooding over the A story.

The B story could be anything from sharing a friend’s knitting obsession to discovering that you’re a prodigy at air conditioning repair. If it doesn’t pan out, learn to kill your darlings. But sometimes, like a Simpsons episode, it could just end up being your A story.

To bring this to an absurdly simplistic conclusion, all stories are important. Pay attention cause you never which worlds are gonna collide.

still using tv as a crutch for reality,



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