Videogames crawlthrough: part 1 of many

Dear Pixelated reality of games

The CD case clicks open and then the button is pressed to unhinge the disc and the whirring of the drive as it reads the disc. Magically, the window materialises on the screen prompting to autoplay the CD. The low quality audio beeps through the crevices in the black device. The command prompt screen flashes for a second, you almost missed it. It disappears to reveal nothingness. The nothingness in which you can see your anticipation shining back at you.

Few minutes of spending time picking out the apparel and honorific that will stick with you till the end. Making decisions on what your next move should be, buying only the most useful ammunition/automobiles. Scavenging in the right places, avoiding the wrong enemies. Frustrated silent screams of loss. (DIE you stupid aqua monster! (see link) Link whip that arrow at her go Link)

Sitting alone in a dimly lit room your concentration on nothing but the world in front of you. You have sunk into the nothingness that is the game. The game is your life now. Everytime you come back to the real world you can’t help but think about how it was in the game (the water in the river was exactly like the water in assassins creed)

And then there might be many, just like you. In the different corners of the world. You team up with them to go on an adventure you would not have even dreamt of. Then there’s all that shooting and stuff

(IT WAS THE LAG not me)

But you loved it. You loved dying and rematerialising on screen. It was like being given a second/third/multiple (yes you, last boss in uncharted 2). You made the decisions and you didn’t think about the repercussions (Spoiler: NO ROMAN I want to go bowling again). You just went with the flow didn’t you? Playing sims 3 doing things that they wouldn’t have the guts to in real life.

It’s living the character. Connecting to the objects on screen (Hogwarts was always home) and when they forced you to do something you didn’t want to do but have to anyway to win the game (UGH you ruined my life, Prince of Persia) a part of your soul breaks away and you grow with it.

Text based games though – they are awesome you get to imagine everything its brilliant ehrmagerd

Everytime you hear the game music you are suddenly pushed back into that universe like some weird hallucinating medicine is injected into your brain lpweorjfnlwqbuc

Also pokemon



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