As you can’t see, puff levels are high today

Dear Poochi,

It’s one of those unique days where John and I have the same thing to talk about – exhaustion. Now, I haven’t actually watched his video, I just read the title and decided “OMG John you mind thought repeater”.

So Poochi, this post comes to you in 4 parts, each a higher puff level than the previous (I can have puff levels now HAH)

Part 1

“I overslept”

Sometimes you wake up in the evening and think about when the day has gone. In fact, you were so free you decided to stay up the entirety of the previous night watching reruns of Popeye and Hannah Montana. And then you wake up all sweaty and hungry, late in the day and you look outside, it’s all dark. You have no work to do, and you say “ehh” and go right back to sleep

(I realise this might be higher puff level due to the hair out of bed… but you know what I’m driving at)

Part 2

“I went running today morning I deserve to sleep”

You drag your legs back home, like a wooden door that expanded because of the monsoon moisture. In your soaked stinkyness you flop on the bed like a fish and pass out. And then you wake up with various physical discomforts

Part 3

“Social occasion”

You have gone out somewhere with family/friends. Talking all the time, very excited. You come back home all energized and jump and prance and sing with joy till suddenly the joy in you is  deflated like a pierced balloon (because you overused the energy)  and you realise the emptiness inside and cry yourself to sleep

Part 4

The Real Deal

When you are working the entire day, using your brain – focusing on that one single goal – getting that one thing done. You talk to no one you meet no one. When you sit in the bathroom you think about that one thing. When you scratch your head, when you blink. And then its done and you have this thrill of satisfaction that you have done something, that the day didn’t go away like *clicks hand* after all, and that you have achieved the world (no it’s not going poo). You did your best. You go back home wearing your tiny day’s achievement as a talisman and sleep with a smile on your face. The smile could be the hysteria of not eating all day and your over-heating brain. You walk like a zombie, you are a car running on fumes. But that last surge of it still gets you through the last part of the da-


[“excuse the grammatical errors i really a.m exhausted?}



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