on the brink of reality

Dear Animated Suspension

(if you’re a stickler, fine it’s suspended animation)

Contrary to what it sounds like, it’s not just science fiction. This one, unlike time travel, vortex manipulation, hyperspace jump, fifth dimension made to look like library inside black hole actually done by future humans wow humans will do anything to stay alive (whoa calm down nerd), is real and is of legitimate interest to the coolest facets of humanity: space travel and saving lives.

The physical facts of how you work is that well, physically we’re rendered incapable. It is a trance state of unreality while the body remains alive. Barely. The key neurological processes are functional, hidden, under the surface. Much like an anti virus app that runs in the background. Scary part is, the primary works and brain function is shut down. In the puritan sense of the word, we basically die to just be revived when necessary. Like frozen peas! I’m not the best at analogies…

Anyway, actual mechanics is quite disconcerting i.e. make humans replicate conditions of hibernating bears but more extreme i.e. replacing blood with cold salt water while cranial activity ceases successfully making us stuck between life and death.

Sound familiar? We are literally unconscious for several hours every day. Our bodies need almost half our lifetime to sustain the rest. The time is spent with vivid bursts of subconsciousness and doing tune-up service.

So suspended animation is just that but with zero brain activity.

The implications of this are just… okay see, with this humans can go anywhere; travel millions of light years and still live. It is a common trend to whine about how cool the future is going to be and how we may not live to see it.. but with this we could actually post pone the present.

On paper though, currently it’s for medical operations. Human trials have begun and if they succeed, then Emergency Rooms will no longer be frantic and frazzled. People might actually get to live till they’re supposed to.

Note: The official name given by medical people is Emergency Preservation and Resuscitation as Suspended Animation sounds like something that gets discussed in Comic Con.

as always, waiting for the future even if it means getting old,



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