Redefining Dimensions

So P and I thought it was time for change. We are going to have themes for the blog every month. That is all.

So I went through a variety of topics that interests me, let me take you through them like I’m telling you a story. You wake up in the morning and prepare yourself for the day, and try to unknot your earphones.

Which reminds me of knot theory. It’s knot the theory of tying normal knots, but its some mathematical supposition of tying knots that cannot be undone. Because a circle can be morphed as it is homeomorphus because it has a different geometric concept..

I’m not going to show you a picture, because you have to visualise this. Imagine a loop that is knotted up such that you assume there is a starting point, but there is none.. Is travelling through it like going in a maze? You try to imagine the dimensions that the object has. A maze amazes me! It’s the scariest part of the dream when you try to run away from someone, you are in a familiar place that is extremely distorted, but no let’s not discuss that now.

False syllogisms. I don’t know, I just wanted to bring that word into this post somehow. What if our entire education system was based on a faulty syllogism. Does it end up becoming real? What if the real language English was something entirely different from the alphabets that we are learning right now. Probably some dude with a lot of clout decided that the words should be in a certain way and everyone just accepted what he/she said without thinking twice. And then it became popular and everyone started using it, making a lie reality.

I wish everyone reiterated that Hogwarts was real. It would make things fun knowing that such a situation was possible.

I do believe in fractals, I do, I do.

Here look at this chaotic pendulum and contemplate reality. Our life is perpetual motion and when we sleep, it’s like pulling the arrow back to shoot it again. Or we’re like this eternally flying boomerang that  was thrown in the air once and keeps twirling over and over again spinning around like “wwaaaaaooooooowaaaawoo”  reminding you that life is the Doppler effect that screams at you when things you were attached to moves away.

Everything is physics and maths. Everything you feel can be quantified.

Did that feel like 10kg  approaching  your face at 9.8m/s ?



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