surely we live on a speck?

If you read the last post you probably figured out what this month’s theme is gonna be. No, it is not high concept verbose ramblings; that is the theme of our entire blog. Okay, let me give you some hints:

that was so a controlled demolition bro, did you see how the towers like, came down all controlled and shit?

*puts on spectacles* as you can see, the Mayan calendar precisely ends at Dec 12 2012 and obviously, the only way this can be interpreted is that earth will die due to a collision with a rogue planet with a very specific and ridiculous name. pfft what does NASA know.

yo that flag is clearly waving and where the frick are the stars

so um, hello, my name is ______ and I have been abducted by aliens. they were nice, gave me a ride back in their spaceship and everything. 

Plato was a metaphysical philosopher so of course his story of the lost city of Atlantis is historically and geographically accurate.



If you haven’t got the ‘controversial theory’ aspect of this, you’re using the internet wrong. And I clearly use too much of it.

Sarcasm aside, controversial theories do get an undeserved bad rap. Everything is bound to have a dual nature in this world; yin and yang and all that. So, it’s not unnatural for people to refute personally reasonable explanations with outlandish facts, it is in our nature to argue and investigate and in this case often come up with ridiculous claims.

Yet no matter how much they’re debunked by faceless government and corporate regimes, they never quite die down. There’s always a new theory, with topics you would never expect.

For example I could tell you right now we could be living in someone’s computer stimulated world and our fate depends on this person being benevolent enough to not pull the plug. You would scoff, rightly so, but most of the time, before the rational mind ridicules it, it would capture your imagination and play out the various scenarios and implications.

These theories are endlessly fascinating. And in some cases extremely well thought out. I’m not asking you to believe that aliens are camped out in Bermuda’s triangle randomly snatching civilians out of air crafts but in this increasingly white collar world with identical apartments and homogeneous franchises, it’s a nice change to think about the bizarre oddities and contemplate the mechanics.

In reality though, humanity is probably not diabolical enough to pull off massive conspiracies.



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