Weekends, movies and The Procrastination Productivity

I can’t write. Which is why I HAVE TO.

I am searching for a topic to think about. In fact, I am waiting for someone to ask my opinion on a certain issue so I can actually discuss it. I want them to force their wrong opinions on me so I can say HAH you are sooooo wrong hahahahaha. I’d rather run away from the reality than face the bleakness of reality. No one is clever enough to challenge me with intellectual questions except the voices in my head.

This post contains interesting life advise from a newly created adult. She started out as suddenly and beautifully as the birth of the Uruk-hai…. speaking of which, do Orcs reproduce? (Maybe it is too early in the post to discuss the blatant chauvinism in LOTR kk moving on)

  1. Sometimes playing Atari Breakout is more interesting than your real life problems
  2. If you have pressing jobs to complete, I assure you, you will end up achieving a lot more BUT that one thing
  3. Because the opportunity cost (benefit?) doing other things when you actually have to one thing increases. So just finish all those distractions however guilty you feel later. Actually you know what? No guilt. Screw it you are an adult. All your decisions are sound.
  4. Thank you god I got 9 and a half hours of sleep today thank you
  5. Sometimes you get really weird dreams. I dreamt that I slept for 7 whole days and wake up on the 8th morning thinking I was asleep for 4 hours and then realise I have missed a whole week but NO ONE missed me that was really scary be ready to be alone in this world because BAM u r adult
  6. Get ready for dreams that involve you walking alone in a monument in the middle of a desert and a monkey talking to you and asking you for a towel
  7. Binge watch movies on Italian Mafia and locking yourself in your room and pretending the GUN SHOTS ARE REAL
  8. Play counter strike.
  9. Complain about “too less time”

If you want to discuss more science-y stuff, we shall discuss Eru Iluvatar and Morgoth coming up next in “what happens in an adult brain”

Until then,