I hate summer

I hate summers
They are very hot
The sweat makes me stinky
The heat makes me rot

The unforgiving rays pierce
Through 8 light minutes of space
Through the strong shield of the earths atmosphere
To create tan on my face

The daylight lasts longer
It gives me a migraine
I feel drowsy all the time
I can’t control my brain

Although times are rough
There are things to be thankful for
Like the AC in my lonely room
And the bolt on my bedroom door

How to Ride Scooty in Chennai rains: A beginner’s guide

Although the title says beginners, it is not for those who have never rode a two-wheeler before. You can’t handle this.

Monsoon has come. Please read this for your physical safety and good mental-health.

Step 1: Escape the unknown

The path of least resistance does not exist. Although on normal days you’d follow what we call “kurukku vazhi” (the alternate route that you take that google maps doesn’t know), if you do that on rainy day you’ll find yourself pushing scooty through 4 feet deep water, losing your chappal and then crying the rest of the way home. Don’t try to be over smart. Follow wherever the traffic pushes you. It’s ok to be mainstream occasionally, to not lose yourself in the “main stream” of water.

Step 2: Always be the at the centre of the road

Let the cars honk at you, let the buses intimidate you with their large presence – but don’t listen to society. You do you, yo. If you go to the side of the road, then when cars overtake, it will create these HUUGE water waves that will splash sewage water all over you and then you’ll get plague. Why do you need temporary hypochondria during all this rain agony?

Step 3: Don’t overtake

You don’t have any head-losing urgency, whatever it is. When you happen to cross water-logged road, be a courteous driver and let the person behind you go ahead. Mostly, these people either know the route really well, or are even more suspicious and careful than you will ever be (because you let them pass and they don’t trust you), so they’ll find the best pot-hole less route and ensure that none of the following people in the road will have a “enge enadhu kavidhai” type incident.

Additional tips

  • When you are waiting at the signal, feel free to swear loudly. No one can hear you
  • You can also sing if you are getting irritated
  • If you are wearing glasses, position the helmet glass at a 45 degree angle. This way you can have full visibility without having to look through the scratch marks on the fibre glass, also ensuring no water droplets reach your own glasses and mess up vision.
  • Use the extra time stuck in traffic to create poems. Like Robert Frost, you can also have a magnus opus called “Stopping by traffic on rainy night”.

I’ll add more tips when I gain more experience points.



Studying – Haiku

I am lost without you

While I try to find the root of 2

Yesterday’s brewed coffee

Lies stagnant in the corner of the room


You invade my every thought

My desperation is supplemented

by the guilt of not studying

I just want some college to take me

Please…  just please TAKE ME


Every Sunday I cry

For the lost weekend when

I didn’t meet you

I didn’t even open my books

I’m sorry


You are the tab that’s always open

I leave my laptop on sleep

While I sleep

You watch over me

As I raise a bleary eye in the morning

I hate myself.


I keep thinking it’s my fault

That I didn’t pay attention to you

I still don’t

I’m guilty

Don’t punish me


I prayed to God the other day

I pray to you every day

You are the only thing

That I believe in now

Please believe in me in return

I swear I’ll study


There’s too much for me to say

In my SoP

Every time I think


I need to pee



Metaphors and foreshadowing

Hi P, it’s Monday!

I am expressing my excitement on the awesomeness of foreshadowing in this post. I realised the importance of this through this one life-changing show called Breaking Bad. Even a scene with the family just eating breakfast was so important. There wasn’t a 5 second interval in the entire show which was irrelevant. Everything was perfect, everything could be explained (it won’t be if I wasn’t partial towards the show, but there’s a reason that I like the show and will defend it forevaaa)

There’s this show called Walking Dead. I have persuaded so many people to watch it, but they don’t really think its awesome. They think its gruesome and has a lame story. They’re right. I don’t watch that show for the story. I watch the show for the colour filter, apocalypse and the general fear atmosphere. The survival instinct surpasses all. Which is why, in this nonsense show, when they had a 20 second foreshadowing clip of ants eating half a cookie inspired me to type this post.

Foreshadowing is best because

  • It lets you interpret the meaning – ambiguity is AWESOME in entertainment. It means that anything is right. And because its such a fictional world, the more interpretations, the better. This is why poets write such big words and unconnected lines. If it was straightforward, no one would appreciate it. It would be like.. i don’t know..not poemy
  • It’s like reading a story book you can imagine far more than what was intended. And imagination is also AWESOME

Foreshadowing is a visual metaphor. It is a pun for the eyes, a taste of vision, a lick of foresight, a tr(eat) to the optics.

I don’t know why I bulleted the points.. that’s all I had to say. Maybe I wanted to shoot it out, hit the nail on the head, hammering the opinion.

But even being able to say this much was so hard.



the unwanted hiatus

Dear poochi

I can’t think. I feel like every sentence I type has no substance to it – it feels lifeless. Like words from a 5th standard history textbook or an essay read by an uneducated literate. The words that I am saying now have probably already been said. Frighteningly, all permutations of my previous sentence has already been uttered/written in different languages. Does that make this post pointless? Maybe the few that have existed across time and said these words are a very small percentage. I am probably one of the few who are aware of the fact that such an event is possible.

What if I am the centre of the universe. I am sitting on my bed, in front of my laptop, placed in such a way that I have the comfort and solitude of my room and still the speed of the wifi isn’t slowed. My house is on the top floor of an apartment in a quiet lane in a convenient centre of the city – well supplied with required resources and consumables. The city itself is the shore of a huge beach and the ports that existed previously had led to it being a trade hub, transforming it into a railway  “central” and even air way access  to touristy locations as random as Siem Reap. So where I am IS the centre of the universe. The fact that I know all this stuff makes me a carrier of the centre of the universe. Because every movement/decision I make is made after consideration of reason, transforming every step I take to be the centre of the universe.

No, I am not being narcisssdfisfo whatever. I am the core of my own universe.

I looked out of the screen for some time and my flow of thought vanished. I forgot why I started this post addressing you.

It has been a month since we wrote our last blog post.. this is sad.

I wrote letters to all my friends recently (including you) and I faced two problems – not knowing what to write in the letter. Should it have been about normal day to day activities, wouldn’t that sound boring. Also, I didn’t know any interesting facts for me to impress my opinion on you. So.. it was weird. Second, I didn’t know if writing a letter would make my friends as happy and satisfied as excited I was to post it. What if I didn’t meet their expectations.

What if these two obstacles are the hindrances to life (assuming basic food, clothing, shelter is fulfilled)

Is the spiritual problem a privileged one because I had access to education or just because I am clever?

I don’t even know why I posted this but poochi.. just post a post because you gotta post don’t postpone it