Retconning my life

This is one of the cases where the name contains the true meaning; like literally con your life into believing it could be something else.

Retroactive continuity (retcon) is a literary device often used to say ‘Hey, we screwed up but here’s everything in a completely new light just to mess with you’.

Sometimes it’s a major re-imagining of pivotal characters like Alan Moore’s Joker in The Killing Joke or just the equivalent of a girl giving herself a perm for one day as is often the case with sitcoms. From ground-breaking to campy they have long since been a crucial part of pop culture.

‘Reinventing yourself’ I feel, is sometimes, almost a parody of retconning. Not everybody will be happy with it; it might get panned and be reviled in equal measure and the producers (parental units) are definitely going to give you a lot of grief about it.

But sometimes, life can derail and not be the same as the story you had envisioned.  When this happens, some people choose to find familiar patterns to stick to in their lives, much like when TV shows try to find their niche crowd, quietly enjoying comfortable success. But the others try that elusive technique of successfully making something new which remains faithful to its origins. This could be an utter disaster (Ghostbusters) or beautifully preserved (Doctor Who); which brings me to the whole concept of ‘reinventing your own life.

To be honest, it doesn’t feel nearly as high stakes as altering a classic character backstory. Because, we all know the majority of the ‘new year new me’ stuff doesn’t last long. Sure it’s a nice idea to ‘start a spin class’. But once you realize how expensive yoghurt smoothies are, you’re back to lazing around on the couch with your cat the rest of the year.

However, I have a half-baked solution to this. One common trope of retconning is the practice of showing already established events from a new perspective. This doesn’t change what happened or how we feel about those events, but does give a deeper understanding and appreciation of the characters. In the same way that getting a pet, eating healthy or concentrating on your work is not suddenly going to change your core character, but instead, make you achieve a new perspective on things and provide marked additions to subtly enhance your personality and attitude.

So this year, why not do the same things you’ve been doing (let’s face it we are pretty much stuck with our habit repertoire at this time) but do them in an entirely new way.   I for one, will not be mourning the failure of all the ‘too ideal’ resolutions but instead be grateful for this world and the people around and the experiences that changed me, for better or for worse.

In popular culture, retconning has toppled god level beings and made despicable characters humane. Giving second chances is way underrated. This year, I plan on having a surprisingly tender moment with someone I hate; my life will be like a TV show goddammit.

P.S. Yes, I procrastinate so much that I have published my new year post on march.



Ponders about Purpose and Placidity

Dear Aim in lyf,

You know the things I’m not particularly fond of: internet people who can’t differentiate between your and you’re, purpose, irony and you’re mom(i’m sure she’s lovely i was just being funny oh god) What irks me the most is this notion that everything exists for a reason; to fulfill some purpose.

Even the Joker, a self confessed psychopath with no rational conception of life craved purpose in the form of his one true love hate, Batman. He could have very well gone over to.. I dunno.. Springfield (Sideshow Bob and Joker woulda made an adorable pair) and got that easy victory. But instead he chose to remain in Gotham and get thwarted again and again because that gave him purpose; not just any ol’ purpose but something that can’t be easily achieved.

Because sometimes that’s what we need in our lives, don’t we? Drama and impossible odds.

But we can’t even give into these melodramatic tendencies and complain about something. Everything in life is kind of a miracle. They were all created for a specific purpose. As some deep person would say ‘the error lies not in these apparatuses but in the humans that make these apparatuses’.

You can’t say your phone sucks because what you hold in your hand, no matter how crappy, is the whole world albeit at snail speed 2 GB internet. If your computer sounds like it has indigestion and is pondering deep philosopical questions (that goddamn circle next to the cursor) then give it for service, cheapo.

For god’s sake, even Bing, the shittiest search engine of all time has a purpose i.e. used as an example for ‘the shittiest search engine of all time’.

The universe is beautiful and terrifying filled with gravitational anomalies and dust tailed orbs each with some purpose. Even in the wake of the death of the universe we would still be left with a singularity, the purpose of which is probably high concept and mysterious.

Why this bothers me is because… okay, so what if I just want to spend life eating nachos, stargazing and dreaming about ride-able dinosaurs. This will never happen cause there’s this stupid primal human instinct which wont allow me to live without making something of myself. 

I want to just accept that our existence is limited to us being hairy bags of flesh revolving around the incandescent glow of a dying sun which is likely to take us down with it in the future. Even if the purpose eludes me, the journey excites me.

smitten with this cosmic storm we call existence,