Some really sad haiku

You are the one standing pillar

In my demolished building

And I will cling on to you

Like sivaji ganesan in padayappa

I was studying maths


I saw numbers

JK I love numbers

The post-its with my life goals written on them

Started falling off in the wind

Like leaves from a deciduous tree in autumn

Life’s what you make it

So let’s make it a rock

Make me a rock

Please I want to be unlife

The tubelight was on

I wasn’t getting sleep

There was low voltage

The fan was moving slowly

I counted the blades one-two-three-one-two-three

I was trying really hard to listen

To the voices in my head

All I could hear was static

I am an inactive radio

Wish I was





Lalalalalaal. stops. Plays sad violin

I’m in existential disbelief but wouldn’t go to the extent of nihilism.

I’m dealing with it with haiku

If it was you and me

Ceteris Paribus

Life would be perfect

The gentle waves touch my feet

I turn around

A little boy pees

Listening to AC/DC on new headphones

The pounding in the head

That isn’t actually music

Sunday night

Sleeps for a minute

Monday morning

some lame extension

I spent 22 seconds on social today

Screw you, society.

Dough, the wheat – to make fine bread

Ra-in, when you think its going to rain but it doesnnttttt

Me, a person that spends time with myself

Fa, an Indian deodorant

So, I don’t know what to say

Lamps because they give out laiiiiggght

Teeth because you gotta eat

And it brings us back to – Dough – because – we – gotta –eat – sandwich